Assessments of InDividual behaviour Analysed critically (AIDA)

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AIDA Project


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LSE Public Lecture

How We Judge Others' Personality: Gender, ethnicity and questionnaires

[Download Video | mp4 | 547.4 MB | 1 hour 28 minutes]

Speaker: Dr Jana Uher (Senior Research Fellow and Marie Curie Fellow, Member of the LSE Athena SWAN Self-Assessment Team)
Chair: Professor Julia Black (Interim Director of LSE, Professor of Law, Pro Director for Research, and the Chair of the Athena SWAN Self-Assessment Team at LSE.

Published on: 8 June 2017


LSE Beveridge Festival

Beveridge 2.0. Who Belongs? Can we Afford to be Different?

[Download video | mp4 | 499.5 MB | 1 hour 27 minutes]  [LSE Download page]

Speakers: Brett Heasman, Celestin Okoroji, Professor Bev Skeggs and Dr Jana Uher
Chair: Sunil Kumar

Published on: 24 Feb 2018

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