Assessments of InDividual behaviour Analysed critically (AIDA)

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Assessments of individual behaviour play important roles in research and organisations. For standardised and efficient enquiries, rating scales are widely used. But the ways in which people understand and use these scales and and the role social beliefs and stereotypes may play in the generation of responses are still poorly understood.

The AIDA project explores how people assess and socially categorise individuals and critically analyses rating scale methods. The Transdisciplinary Philosophy-of-Science Paradigm and cutting-edge methodologies and technologies are used to systematically deconstruct the requirements that assessment tasks impose on respondents and to reconstruct the social knowledge and the psychological processes involved therein.

This project forms part of Dr Jana Uher's line of research a central aim of which is to restore the match between psychical phenomena and the methods used for their investigation and to open up new horizons for evidence-based explorations of the workings of the human mind.

Research Funding

This project is funded by a research grant awarded to Dr Jana Uher by the European Commission's Marie Curie Programme (EC Grant no 629430) with the London School of Economics and Political Science as host institution.

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