We invite you to come to our Video Lab
together with a friend or good acquaintance
for a joint interview about videos
showing people in everyday life situations.


In these interviews, we are using cutting-edge video-technologies: Both of you will wear a special mini-camera at eye-level – called a SubCam. The SubCam captures your own subjective perspective on the videos while you are discussing them with your friend/ acquaintance.


LSE_ID-research_video-study-procedureThereafter, we will jointly watch and discuss the recordings from your Subcam – called SubFilms. Watching one’s own SubFilms is a unique and fascinating experience that takes us back to the situations and moments captured on film. This is a fun way for you to explore in detail what captured your attention in the video scenes, what you thought in particular moments and what made you see the people on video in particular ways.

empty-pic_slimParticipation in our Video-Studies takes about 1.5 – 2 hours.

For taking part, each participant receives £20. This will be paid in cash upon the completion of your session.



Our Video studies are closed now.



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