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We have started our data collection

In May, we’ve started a campaign to recruit participants for our studies. We put up posters and distributed flyers in council halls, libraries, community centres and supermarkets.

To reach out to Londoners, we placed an ad in the Metro print edition. We also contacted London universities.


We were delighted that many people were interested in participating in our research!


What our studies involve


In our Online studies, you can participate from home via the internet. The survey takes about 20-30 min. Participants who have completed the survey receive a £5 Amazon voucher.


LSE_ID-research_video-studiesIn our Video studies, you can come with a friend, colleague or acquaintance to our Video Lab at LSE for a 1.5-2h interview. You watch videos of people in everyday situations, use special miniature cameras and jointly discuss your judgments. Each person receives £20 for time and travel.


Your Feedback: What participants say about our Online studies

“Interesting. I enjoyed observing myself responding to the image of this person.”

“I would like to know what the person is really like – whether my judgements were correct!”

“Some of the questions about the personality of the person in the picture were difficult to decide upon and it was really interesting to see how the same photo can give a different impression depending on the questions.”

“I’m interested in being involved in a follow-up session.”

“This has been an intriguing experience, and I’d be interested in hearing the outcome of the study.”

“I’d be interested to read the results!”

Your Feedback: What participants say about our Video studies

“I have learned so much about myself from just watching again how I do things, such like answering these questions, because you can just focus in on your initial reaction and then go back to it and discuss.”

“It was great meeting you and helping with your research.”

“I could not believe how quickly time has passed! It was so interesting and so much to talk about. Thank you.”

“Discussing this was a lot of fun!”

“I think this is really interesting because this is a kind of in-depth exploration of our spontaneous thoughts about people.”

“Thank you for making the research exercise so interesting. We look forward to seeing the results of all your work!”

ID-Research starts a second round of participant recruitment!


To make our studies sound and convincing, we are still looking for some more people from the London area who are willing to help us find out more about the fascinating world of our knowledge and ideas about individuality in everyday life!

Therefore, we have now started a second round of participant recruitment and we will do interviews and online surveys throughout August. We hope the summer break brings more time for reflection and self-exploration – as you can do by participating in our studies.

Spread the word! Please tell your friends, colleagues and acquaintances
about our research and ask whether they are interested in participating
in our research.

We would be delighted to welcome you as participants!

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Dr Jana Uher. Senior Research Fellow, Marie Curie Fellow. London School of Economics and Political Science. Houghton Street, WC2A 2AE London, United Kingdom.

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