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ID-Research is a research project dedicated to exploring how we perceive individuals’ behaviours in everyday life and what makes us judge people’s personality in particular ways. Given that assessments of individuals are mostly collected with questionnaires, the project also investigates how people interpret the questions of a popular personality questionnaire and what they generally think about surveys. The ID-Research project is led by Dr Jana Uher, Senior Research Fellow at the LSE, and is funded by the Marie Curie Research programme of the European Commission.

In our ID-Research newsletter, we will provide research updates, list current events and inform about the results and publications of our studies in research and the public media. We’ll also invite you to public events where we’ll present our findings to a wider audience.

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New Website launched

In April, we’ve launched our new website, which provides information about the ID-Research project, our researchers and studies. Participants can register for an Online Study or book an appointment to come down to our Video Lab at LSE. We will give updates on our results and public events where we’ll present our findings to a wider audience.


ID-Research – what ID stands for

The ID in our website name can stand for many things:


  • IDentity
  • InDividuality
  • InDividuals
  • InDividual behaviour
  • Individual Differences

These topics – all that makes us unique as persons
are explored in this research.

ID-Research starts to recruit participants now!

Over the past few weeks, we have been working hard to plan and prepare our studies. There are so many things to arrange! Now that preparations are complete, we are looking for dedicated people from the London area to take part in our studies.

LSE_ID-research_poster_cut._150We’ve created posters and flyers to inform and recruit participants. This involved a lot of creativity and meticulous editing by our placement student Vicky. Thank you, Vicky! She will now put up the posters and distribute the flyers in council halls, community centres and libraries around London.

We hope that we have plenty of people willing to help us find out more about the fascinating world of our knowledge and ideas about individuality in everyday life!

Spread the word! Please tell your friends and acquaintances about our research and ask whether they are interested in participating in one of our studies. We’d be delighted to welcome you as participants!

NEW SubCams arrived

LSE_ID-research_subcam_red_150In our Video studies, we use miniature cameras worn at eye level that are called SubCams because they capture your subjective view on the visual field in front of you.

Watching your own SubCam recordings, called SubFilms, is a fascinating experience that takes us back to the situations and moments captured on video.

Using this cutting-edge technique, we will discuss with our participants in more detail what specifically has captured their attention in some videos and how they have used their knowledge about people to judge the individuals in the videos.

Despite the growing number of wearables, SubCams cameras are unique and not yet available on the market. They are all manually produced for our research lab by an electronics technician – a huge effort. Therefore, we were particularly happy when we received five new SubCams for our research in April!

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Dr Jana Uher. Senior Research Fellow, Marie Curie Fellow. London School of Economics and Political Science. Houghton Street, WC2A 2AE London, United Kingdom.

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