Aims and background


In everyday life, we use our intuition and experience to form impressions of others. And we often do this on the basis of just a few moments in which we see or interact with someone.

What an amazing ability!

Assessments of individuals also play a central role in social and corporate organisations, such as in recruitment and career development. Assessments are also used in research.



It is likely that you have already filled in a questionnaire or survey to provide information about yourself or somebody you know well.

Personality questionnaires contain statements or questions about a person, and answer boxes that you can tick-off to indicate your opinion.



But when filling out a questionnaire, some questions may make you think of different things, each requiring different answers.

For example, to judge your self-confidence you may think of different situations in which you feel your self-confidence is different. In these cases, how to you decide which answer to choose?

Do you think that the questions and answer boxes in questionnaires represent what you would like to say?

We believe there is more to know about people and their individuality and how to assess their behaviour!



You can contribute to this research

by participating in one of our Studies!



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